Sunday 25 September 2011



THE HAND PHONE, broadband and Internet service in the Kota Belud district is very poor and frequently there is no service in many areas especially towards hilly region.

Disclosing this was the Sabah DAP Kota Belud Chief Wellon Moyou, he said it is very common that the hand phone user cannot get the phone line going due to the poor and low service receivable in KB area. The broadband and internet service have the same problem too. It is very difficult to get on line and get connected.

Wellon said it is wide spread the users here are not happy about the telecommunication facilities here in KB. There is just not enough service transmitting towers here to link up to every corners. The telephone companies should enhance their service to a higher level and provide better customer service.

There are many ‘dead spot’ where it is impossible to get a line, and these ‘dead spots’ are not very far from town. This should not be the case, and this can be easily overcome and rectified.

Wellon urges the telephone companies to immediately expedite to improve and upgrade their facilities to provide the consumers a better telephone service in Kota Belud.

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