Friday 30 September 2011


CONGESTION…..Edward looking at the jam at SM St Francis Convent.


A DECADE old problem faced by the road users and the parents of SM St Francis Convent, what is really happening daily is the road in front of the school that there is a tremendous road congestion caused by the parents dropping off their children to the school in the early morning starting 6.30am.

When this happens, a lot of the road users who are passing by this road to get to work are jammed here with great inconvenience, and time lost. This has caused a lot of outrage and dissatisfaction among them.

This happens also during the picking-up hours of the students around at 3 to 4pm when the students have finished school. All the cars and school buses are blocking the road by simply park here and there and also on the pavement or even double parked on the road, where it created a long traffic jam for those who are passing by this road.

Edward Ewol Mujie, Vice chairman of Sabah DAP said that there is a simple and yet effective solution to the current problem. There are many open spaces on the road side of the school, which can be widened and built into car parking spaces for the parents’ cars and school buses.

We urge the relevant authorities like JKR and DBKK to pay attention to this matter and quickly take relevant action in order to solve the long outstanding problems of lack of parking space at the SM St Francis Convent for the benefit of all the people here.

Edward further suggested the government should negotiate with the land owners near here to allow their empty land to be utilized for the use as a temporary car park to the school here, and the authorities can come to pave the area with stone and gravel. This will be better solution when compared to park the cars by jamming the main road and causing massive traffic jam.

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