Friday 30 September 2011


NESTING…..Swallows nesting over hawker stalls covering with thick layers of bird droplets.


THE RECENT visit made by the Sabah DAP Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu and the Vice Chairman Ewdard Ewol Mujie to the market in Kota Belud was surprised by the heavy shower of bird shit on to the shoppers and hawkers here.

The bird shit comes from the dense population of swallows living in the corners of the ceiling in the market.

It is bird shit every way, and the people is having a tough time in cleaning and to avoid being hit by the bird droplets. They use cardboards, plastic sheet and whatever they can get hold off making a shelter to cover their stalls and goods on sell there. Even with that kind of precaution taken, they are still being hit by the bird droplets and needed to go and wash out.

The hawkers here are trying to earn a living and at the same time worry sick about whether the bird droplets are carrying contagious diseases and other sickness. The bad smell is heavy and sometimes it is unbearable. Their customers are avoiding the place now and the hawkers are losing much business.

They were delighted to see the KK MP Hiew came to visit them and immediately highlighted the issue to him. Hiew said he will inform the District office and the District officer to move the birds out and clean up the place once for all. The can be easily done with the engagement of a pest control company, and there are ways to stop these birds from returning to the market to build their homes and nests.

This has caused great concern among the people in Kota Belud, and it is a pitty that there is no action taken to protect the people here from the nuisance and inconvenient caused by these birds.

The three local state assemblymen and the Member of Parliament did not do anything, and this is very unusal. It looked as if they have never been to the market. DAP was told by the people here that these people’s representatives just don’t care, and they only come here when they needed votes and supports.

MP Hiew said the situation in the KB market is getting serious and the birds are multiplying at a fast rate. Something has to be done and we don’t want to see some health problems appear and the hawkers losing their business in the market.

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