Thursday 29 September 2011


VIEWING…. Hiew and Edward viewing the Draft 2020 KK local plan.


THE DRAFT Kota Kinabalu Local Plan was put on display and for the public and property owner to view and to forward their comments and along with their complaints concerning the proposal set down in the draft plan by the DBKK together with their consultants and architects.

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu and the Sabah DAP Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie were among the many visitors in the display hall to view and study the plan.

The draft Kota Kinabalu local plan on display is also providing smaller scale copies of the maps on land use to be purchased by the people who are interested to know what plan will be implemented by the authorities on their land.

MP Hiew has discussed with the Architect in charge and the official from DBKK concerning certain the local plan to further understand the details of the proposed local plan.

He has requested the Mayor of Kota Kinabalu Datuk Abidin for a copy of this proposed local plan to be placed in the KK MP office together with the comment and objection forms for the people who wish to come to the MP office in Foh Sang to check through the plan.

Hiew commented that the DBKK and the authorities must consider wisely and carefully concerning the views and comments from the feedback received from the people. There may be something that they may have overlook and affecting seriously the livelihood of the people.

The authorities will have to take into consideration and should avoid creating disturbance to the existing local built up area and the plans that the people have in mind.

The existing Building by-laws, local government Enactments, town planning acts, and other ordinances are very much out dated as far as the local plan is concerned, Hiew had in many times brought up the issue but only received a simple answer from the government that they will look into it.

It is not known when this can be really put into work on updating and amending the outdated documents. This reflects the slackness and inefficiency of the BN government and it is a fact that many people are affected by this.

The developments here in Kota Kinabalu City center are creating a more jammed situation and the car parks here are getting less and less due to the increasing number of cars entering the city. The traffic jam situation is piling up every way.

Many people have complained about this and the DBKK has done nothing to increase the car parking spaces. In fact, in KK City the most needed is the multi-storey car parks to be situated in good location spreading out at various corners of the City to house the many cars the roaming the streets looking for parking.

This multi-storey car park should provide affordable low rates, and not like the high rates of the shopping complex and big hotels in KK. If this is not included in the proposed new 2020 local plan, and for the benefits of the KK folks DBKK should amend the same for the purpose, called KK MP Hiew.

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