Sunday 27 March 2011


VISIT…Sabah Pakatan Rakyat (PR) team visit Chin at Tanjong Aru Lama water village.


SABAH Pakatan Rakyat (PR) team led by the DAP Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu visited a hardcore poor family in need of help in the Tanjong Aru Lama water villege. Together were the representatives from PKR Putatan En. Abd. Zainal bin Hj. Apin, Christopher Chong, the DAP Tanjong Branch chairman Dr. Felix Chong who is also the DAP Sabah Medical Advisory Bureau Chairman and the DAP State vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie.

The poor family lives in the wooden house in this kampong for over 36 years and now truly facing deep financial hardship. The poor couple Mr. Chin Kon Siong, 69 and Mdm. Vun Kon Chau has four children with one in school and two unemployed and leaving one still working to support the family.

Their wooden house is in a bad shape with leaking roof everywhere. They had no money to repair and get the house to stand up properly too. They worry the house will eventually collapse into the sea.

Dr. Felix Chong received the request for help and immediately arranged the visit with the PR team to site to understand more about the family who needed help. He said why have they approach the Welfare department to apply for grant and the couple said they had tried but were asked to send in many necessary documents which they don’t know how to do and what to do.

He hopes that the Welfare department can take note of the situation of the family and extend assistance to them. Dr. Chong wished the department can contact Mr. Chin (088-267033) and give them the necessary help they need.

There are still many poor families who are with in the hardcore poor or poor category in the Tanjong Lama who are in deep need of help from the government according to some residents there. Dr. Hiew urges the government to fulfill their pledge of “the people first”.

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