Friday 25 March 2011



PKR Central Supreme Council Member Dr Roland Chia Ming Shen questioned the need for Petronas to spend RM50 billion to RM55 billion a year within the next five years for the replacement of its ageing assets in order to maintain sustainable growth going forward; as reported in their recent announcement of their pretax profit ended December 31, 2010.

This is utterly ridiculous without taking onto consideration of the plight of the rakyat especially Sabahans whose poverty rate in the 2nd highest in the country, Malaysia.

Petronas under the BN government has absolutely got their priorities wrong, that will only benefits certain individuals and not the rakyat as a whole. Petronas can spend billions in investing in F1-Circuit and sponsors fast cars to participate in F1-circuit , and yet fail to fulfill their corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the very own home country that contributed to their wealth.

Sabah being the largest gas producer and the fourth largest crude oil producer state in the country, never reaped the benefits from this GLC instead being robbed of the very resources to the core.

On the other hand, PKR Sabah has got the priorities right for the rakyat that in the 1st 100 days when PR comes into power as stated in ‘Buku Jingga’ Sabah.

a. RM1 Billion to be set aside as Sabah Heritage Fund-to assist the poor whose income is less than RM1500.

b. RM1 Billion to be set aside for formation of PetroSabah to capitulate this Sabahan company into an International conglomerate in providing jobs opportunity for Sabahans and attract back the brain drain of Sabahans back to Sabah.

In addition, Petronas in its CSR effort should invest in free community buses (transportation) to the rural school kids in Sabah & Sarawak for many of them who at times had to walk 10- 20 kms to reach the nearest primary and secondary school, thus depriving them of the basic availability of a decent education.


  1. I definitely agree with the free community buses for rural children. Or even better, Petronas sponsor free schooling for those poor kids in rural areas.

  2. Waa OK juga idea free community bus ni kerana ia dapat membnatu murid2 yang terpaksa berjalan kaki jauh ke sekolah.

  3. Apapun, terpulanglah pada pihak berkenaan untuk menetapkan apa yang terbaik utk rakyat.

  4. Free community buses is a good idea. Hope will come true.

  5. idea yang baik perlu diteruskan.

  6. with the profits earned by Petronas, there should be no problem to implement what has been proposed by PKR, and should be no problem to fulfill their corporate social responsibility..

  7. Why not, we want the people to get easy with anything, its a good idea.