Thursday, 20 June 2013


KEEN.....Adun Hiew with the old folks and members

The ADUN Luyang Office staffs led by Andrew Lee Chee Keong, the special assistant to Hiew King Cheu had conducted a visit to the Bethany Home in Taman Luyang Ph 5 which is a home for the elderly who needed special care and shelter. The ADUN Luyang Office organized the visit last Saturday with some cakes to celebrate Father’s Day with the 28 senior citizens in the home.

They were absolutely happy and delighted to see visitors paying them a visit which made them felt that they were not being forgotten by the society. This is especially so when they have the company of the ADUN Luyang Hiew King Cheu who shared some light moments with them. The visitors also sang a few songs to entertain the senior citizens while they were enjoying their afternoon tea.

Hiew was informed by the person-in-charge of the home, Puan Esther Chien Thong Ping that the home has been there for ten years now and with a government welfare department permit. She said the home is not receiving government aids, and it is depending on the money from the families of the senior citizens.

There are 7 staffs in the home taking care of the people, and this is a tough job because some of the older folks are incapable in walking and sitting up. The staffs also have to prepare the regular meals according to the health condition of the people here.

Puan Esther Chien said she welcomes visitors to come to the home, because the old folks there would be able to share the warmth and cares brought in by the visitors.

Hiew praised the good work provided by Puan Esther Chien and her family in providing a home for the elderly folks who are really in need of care and friendship. The home has provided them exactly that, because in there they found new friends and mates, and their lives have become lively and interesting again.

This was observed during the visit in the home. Hiew encouraged the people in Taman Luyang should go and visit the home which is just next to Luyang Phase 5 playground and Tman Kinamount.   Please contact 088-241 451 for more information.

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