Monday, 3 June 2013


IT'S MY policy, based on experience with friends, not to discuss politics with Malays. I find that they don't listen. They feel they will somehow lose out if they listen to us. They are likely to take the opposite position of whatever we adopt.

If we say Umno is a shit party, they will support it. That's how Umno won nine seats more this time.

If we say Anwar is good, the Malays will support Najib. If we say Najib is shit, the Malays will support him.

The Chinese said Tunku was good. So, the Malays abandoned him.

I warned Waytha that the Malays would support Umno even more if he called for Article 153 and the NEP to be abolished. He wouldn't listen. I advised him to talk about deviations and distortions. In one ear, out the other ear.

I never criticised hudud. Instead, I pointed out that hudud was unconstitutional. Also, if Malaya wants hudud, Sabah and Sarawak would go their own way.

Better to leave the Malays alone. Let them sort out their politics themselves. I find most Indians and Chinese quarreling with the Malays all the time. For example, picking on Zaidee and Zaman? Isn't this embarassing and bad for inter-ethnic relations? Friendship should come before politics.

Malays have funny ways of thinking.

For example, a Malay would patronise a Malay stall selling teh tarik, even if he could get better stuff at an Indian stall next door. He rather suffer with poor tea than enjoy good stuff.

If we patronise a Malay stall, they don't give the impression that they welcome and value our patronage. They somehow conclude that we have a Hidden Agenda and are trying to curry favour with them.

So, I rather patronise a stall run by an Ah Pek.

I avoid Indian shops because their food is full of salt. Nowadays, they add sugar too like the Malays.

I only go to Indian shops once in a way to scold them for their own good.

A Turkish businessmen said on al-Jazeera that most Muslim businesses would fail if not for suci, halal, haram and guna tanpa was was.

Now some people are urging Malays to boycott Chinese businesses on the grounds that they supported PR.

The real reason is to increase business at Malay establishments.

What if China refuses to buy from Malay businesses in Malaysia?

Someone should do a PhD study on this.

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