Thursday 25 August 2011


ABANDONED…. Hiew and Edward Ewol Mujie inspecting the abandoned land next to Bank Negara KK.


THE ABANDONED piece of land next to the KK Bank Negara building should be converted to a temporary car park to solve the ever increasing car parking problems here in Sinsuran, central market and even the general post office.

The land is a private land under construction of a complex, but this work had been abandoned for many years now with reason unknown. There are many span-piles sticking out on the open ground and looks ugly and becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The ground is already over grown with trees and bushes.

Many people especially the car owners have approached the KK MP Hiew to seek his assistance to look for ways to open up this empty land for the public to use as a car parking area.

Hiew commented that it is up to DBKK or the land owner to decide whether they will create the open air car park or not. This is of course the owner must consider whether to do so, before the DBKK can grant them the permission and the permit to do so.

This plot of land is ideal for converting into a car park for the general public because of its location. Therefore the DBKK should also make an effort to deal with the owner to allow DBKK to come in to make use of the land temporarily. The piece of land can easily fit in at least two hundred cars, and this will eased the problems of traffic jam in KK.

Hiew suggested that the land owner should consider renting out the land to people who are interested to operate the car parks, if they don’t intend to operate the car park. The money would be attractive due the number of car parking there everyday.

The other aspect is the span-piles that are sticking out on the ground have become a breeding place for the mosquitoes. The central cavities of the span-piles have collected water and rubbish and mosquito lavas can be seen inside. These cavities should be filled up with sand or earth.

The developer and its contractor had stop the work completely for years now and nothing is happening there so far. What happen next no one knows, but the important thing is that we can not have an ‘eye-sore’ sitting in the middle of our city here. DBKK must take the appropriate action to see that the plot of land is to be taken care off properly and make good for a useful purpose.

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