Tuesday 23 August 2011


VOICE......People voice out their problem to Roland.


88 MARKET PLACE is a strategic commercial area along the main Penampang Pintas Highway which is sited in the middle of a hugely densed residential population of Sri Kepayan & Austral Park. Yet there are no public transportation available. This area is as dense as any development along Jalan Penampang.

Sources also mentioned that there will be two colleges to be opened in the 88 Market Place which will make the area even more densely populated

To add salt into injury, business operators have difficulties of getting manpower/staff to work in the area due to the absence of proper public transportation.

Many complainants claimed that they had advertised in the major newspapers for many weeks, and the response was very poor. Many aspiring candidates voiced the inability to get public transport to 88 market place –is the main reason for turning down the job vacancies.

PKR Supreme Council member cum PKR Sabah Secretary Dr Roland Chia Ming Shen urged the relevant authorities mainly the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board to resolve the matter immediately. It is purely simple logic that any major road developments within the cities must be accompanied by proper public transportation system.

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