Sunday 28 August 2011


LOADING….. Long trailers loading cars on the public main road in Tanjong Lipat.


THE LORONG Signal Hill road leading to and out of the Signal Hill Park in Tanjong Lipat, Kota Kinabalu near the old KK Port is frequently used by lorry transporters to transport the cars which are from the port for transit to other places in Sabah.

The residents complained to the KK MP office on their dismay why the section of the road is used by the transporters as their work space to load the many cars which is stored in the car depots here every day.

The car depot is a very piece of land in Tanjong Lipat and at the foot of the Signal Hill Park which is used to store cars on transit from the KK Port. The residents said why the transporters did not use their own ground to load the cars inside the compound but choose to use the public main road to load.

This is not only illegal but also has affected the passage way of the road leading towards the traffic light junction. The cars coming down from the Signal Hill Park often have to avoid and sometimes have to wait for the cars being loaded before they can get pass the long trailers.

The residents here requested the KK MP Hiew King Cheu to seek help from the authorities like DBKK, the traffic police and the JPJ to ensure that the misuse on the public road will not happen again.

Hiew commented that the transporters have to load their cargo and cars inside their own compound and using the main road to carry out this loading operation is an offence and can be summon if there are complaints being reported.

He advices the transporters to carry out the loading operation inside their own compound and not to obstruct the main road and not risking summons. Hiew urges the authorities to pay attention to the case an make sure such incident will not happen again.

There are some areas in Kota Kinabalu that big lorry are parked by the road side at night and especially in the housing area. KK MP Hiew advices the drivers and the owners to be considerate because their lorry can actually cause accidents to happen, especially the drivers cannot see the parked lorry at night. There were complaints that the lorry are taking up parking lots in the housing estate and some blocking the access to the rubbish centers.

Hiew said if we all be a good considerate citizen we will not have problems happening here and there. Therefore, he wants everyone to follow the law and use their common sense and not because of gaining some personal convenience on the expense of others.

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