Sunday 25 December 2011


TAMU….Bad road condition at Kudat-Sikuati Tamu Ground.

THE KUDAT-Sikuati people contacted Sabah DAP Kudat chief Alex Wong to complain to him regarding the bad road condition at Kudat-Sikuati Tamu ground. They say the road has been in a very bad condition for a long time.

The authorities so far has not came to do the repair or upgrade work to the road surface. They said they have great difficulty in traveling on the road during rainy days.

The people here pointed out that during the last election the BN gave promises to do the road surface in the Sikuati Tamu ground, but they have never fulfilled their promise.

The area of the bad road surface is not very big, and shouldn’t need to spend a long time to get it repair. The people don’t understand why the Government can’t fix it. They also said the Kudat district did not do their work properly.

Alex Wong said, in fact the roads in Kudat, especially in the outskirt areas are many bad roads. Although the people have repeatedly making complaints, and urged the government to look into it, but the BN seem to be deaf and dumb, and didn’t bother to respond.

There are many times, we find the authorities re-surfacing some good road, but the needed repair on the bad roads were ignored. What is the logic behide all this.

Alex Wong urges the authorities to immediately arrange to repair the bad road in the Sikuati Tamu ground, and not to wait until the next general election. Sabah people have enough, and they will make a wise choice in this coming general election to voter for Pakatan Rakyat.

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