Saturday 31 December 2011


TALKING…. Edward talking to hawkers in Telipok Tamu Ground.

THE HAWKERS at the Telipok Tamu ground are not happy with the condition and the arrangement of the place where they are selling their farm produce. They said they were moved to the new shop area where very few people come to that area to shop. Their businesses are seriously affected and it is very difficult for them to do business here.

The people don’t like to come up to the new shop area because of the congestion and difficulty in finding car parking space. Some don’t want to walk up here to buy their needs. They complain about their old place next to the old shops in Telipok were taken over by the foreigners and including their customers too.

Edward Ewol Mujie the Sabah DAP Vice Chairman took the complaints during his short visit to the Tamu ground today. There were many other complaints which include the street lights not functioning in the Tamu ground and there is constantly cars coming through the Tamu ground which affected their customers and it is dangerous to have cars driving through while others are doing the shopping.

Edwards after listening to the hawkers’ complaints feels that it is true and there is a need of some re-arrangement to the weekly Tamu in Telipok. The present place for the kampong folks to sell their farm produce is not that good especially it is at the back of the town center. The people usually don’t like to go up there, and it is hotter at the back.

Edward said it is better to rearrange the whole Tamu ground for all the stalls into different category and area of selling. For example, the vegetable and fruits in one row, the clothing in one place, the hardware and electrical goods in one corner, the live stocks and meat stall to be located where there is less disturbance, and the other house-whole items can be grouped together. The whole Tamu ground would look more tidy and easier for the shoppers to pick up their purchase and find what they want.

Edward said the DBKK will have to come to do the rearrangement as requested by the hawkers here, so that their requirement can be met, and they can have better business in the long run. Edward will arrange with DBKK to look into the matter soon.

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