Friday 30 December 2011


Dear Editor,

SAME kind of story, those crooks plundered taxpayers' money. But none is going to be persecuted yet. If one is, then the sentence is normally light. To prove again the whole chain of process government, police, MACC, judiciary; all rotten!

But so many around still vote for them. There is a saying, "It is difficult to find another fool once you had found one." So many want to be treated like idiots by voting these MPs in power again!

Seems like we are being duped again. Also read in the Star that the loan replayment only commences after it has been fully disbursed. And how nice if I can receive a grant and borrow money from the tax payers for agricultural business and then invest in apartments in One Menerung! We are being treated like idiots.

I come from a Cattle farming family in Australia. Live export beast go for around $2/kilo, with the beast weight capped at 350-400kgs=AUD700-800 or RM 2100-2400. Even with the overheads associated with importing, containing, feeding, slaughtering and presentation it doesn't add up to RM37,500/ beast.

The sad part is the best beef (limousin, hereford, Angus) comes from the cold southern pastures. But we don't do live export as the cattle are too heavy and cannot survive in tropical heat. This meat can be imported post slaughter as there are quite a number of halal certified slaughter houses in Australia.

Northern live export cattle are used locally for cheap cuts, stewing, stock, ground beef (burgers), pet food and fertilizer - there are select northern breeds (Brangus) that are also good for rump, rib fillet, sirloin etc. However they are not purposely used for live export as they exceed the maximum weight caps and bred on smaller properties.

Live export cattle are sourced from massive cattle stations (fenceline can be seen from outer space) during the dry season (winter) and are whatever breed mix happened to flourish out in the bush during that time, meaning they could be a mix of anything that can survive the tropical summer. Happy to go on if people are interested.

My conclusion is you are being ripped off and being fed tough/tasteless (wild roaming) grain fattened (unhealthy) beef and someone is making a truck load of $$$ out of it.

Best Regard,


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