Saturday 24 December 2011


KILLED….Fish and eel killed in drain.

THIS MORNING an ice making factory in Lok Kawi had an ammonia gas leak in its plant which had caused many parts of the industrial area being filled up with the puncheon smell of the ammonia gas.

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu was called in to investigate into the matter, and he was shown by the people here on the serious effect of the incident.

The leakage of the poisonous ammonia gas is believed to have leaked out from an ice factory during the night. The gas had killed the fishes and eels in the drains, and the surrounding grass and tree were damaged and badly ‘burnt’ by the gas.

The puncheon smell is enough to knock a man out if directly breathed in. The ammonia gas had leaked out in a large quantity, and it spreads into a large area around the industrial estate. Many near by factories were affected and some people had to leave the area.

MP Hiew said the safety alarm systems in the factory are not enough to give early warning if there is any leakage. This warning system is a compulsory item to be installed when dangerous gas is used in any form of manufacturing process.

He advised all the factories to be very careful when operating on the use of poisonous gas, and its operators must be properly trained and protected. He also said that the equipments must be checked and maintained at all times to reach the required safety level.

LEAK…..Production equipments having a gas leak

BURNT…. Tree and grass ‘burnt’ by ammonia gas

In this case it is lucky that the leakage is not large, but if the gas tanks burst what will happen then? There are many other factories situated in the Lok Kawi Industrial Estate, the people here also complained about the other few factories that are discharging foul waste water into the road side drains and the open storm drain.

This created serious foul smell around the area. They hope these factories owners can be more considerate and to dispose their foul fluid properly and not just by pouring them into the road side drains.

MP Hiew urges the Papar District Council to come to check the industrial estate more often and to ensure the environment is properly kept by the council. Hiew worries that if more and more factories are built in here, the situation will eventually run out of control.

It is better to start to prevent this now and also to implement certain strict measure to avoid abuses at any time. Our environment must be protected. The DOE should also make regular checks when necessary.

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