Thursday 29 December 2011


Dear Editor,

Cybertrooper more powerful in the media website. They are governed by some party. The active current is Cybertrooper in Sabah. They are more focused on the links with the leaders of Sabah and the Sabah government itself. They disguise the use of aliases and at the same time, most of them using foreign proxies to avoid detection where they are located.

Cybertrooper? nothing wrong if formed, but are not let us help the innocent not the conspiracy was an error in their own religion of Islam or Christianity. Think before you do. Are they paid we are not sure yet? No or yes. Only those who are know about this.

We can see for yourself at any website or blogspot to be focused on those comments. If you look at itself there are many comments that did not benefit just empty words. In are examples of the presence of active Cybertrooper to help certain parties.

I can give examples of nicknames Cybertrooper MOHD ISHAK, HARRY ONG, NURULKASIH, ONONG LUAKA, PAQUIN, BAKAKUK and more. Not sure this pseudonym used by one or many.

Who are these people really? Are mercenaries only.

Best Regards,


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