Thursday 20 January 2011



WHEN the technology had improved the safety design of collapsible lamp post which absorbs part of the force of a collision are saving drivers and passengers from the full impact of a crash. As we can observe, many of these damaged lamp posts scattered at the road side of Jln Kolam, Jln bundusan, Jln Penampang and many more other places.

But when a damaged lamp post left unattended on the road side, it had not only become an eye sore piece of junk on the road side but also it will endanger the safety of the road user, especially in the night time.

DBKK should claim the insurance company for those road user who’s vehicle had damaged the lamp pole for a disposal fees it they can identify them.

Edward Ewol Muji, Sabah DAP Vice Chairman urged DBKK to removing all the damaged lamp post as to prevent unnecessary traffic tragedy to the road users, especially there could be more traffic accident during Chinese New Year festive season.

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