Tuesday 25 January 2011


VISIT…. Hiew during the CNY visit in Gaya Street on Sunday.


THE Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu with the Sabah DAP leaders Edward Ewol Mujie, John Lee Kim Seng and Allen Chieng walked the Gaya Street to greet the Sunday fair hawkers and the public happy Chinese New Year on last Sunday morning.

The annual CNY greeting walk about event had brought in some New Year mode to many people especially with the sound of greeting ‘Gong Xi Fa Chai’. This CNY is seen to be particularly quiet, and the New Year atmosphere is not felt by many people. Some said this is because of the slowdown in the economy and most people has no mood in making a celebration and prefer to spend the CNY time quietly at home. The grand and big celebration like what we had in the past years will not be there again, claimed some people in Gaya Street.

Hiew viewed the CNY as an important festive event and this should be celebrated with full color and this is to be jointly celebrated by all Malaysian and Chinese all over the world. We should continue to carry out the traditional ways of celebration, like family reunion, gathering, lion/dragon dances, food and drink, new clothing and dresses etc. Of course among the greetings there must be good fortune, good health, and good luck.

Most important of all, Hiew wishes all that there will be a new hope for everyone and all their wishes come through, and there will be a new political outlook and changes in Malaysia which is needed to bring about progress and improvement to the economy and development of the country.


  1. Firstly, our government try slowly eliminate culture of pendatang and secondly our funds have siphon off by our high above politician. Our country is running dry. That's the real reason why every year getting quiter and quiter.

  2. should every festival have to celebrate with fireworks or with huge signboard??..well 50 years ago we all celebrate our festival only at kampung , no politician needed during that period..but nowadays if politician came to our house, we have to standby his/her VIP meja makan....i should vote (x) for his/her opposition...real leader eat their meal after his/her people has done their meal..