Monday 26 July 2010


PITTY....Dr. Benjamin Yapp with the poor family in Bingkor.

PHOTOGRAPH of Sabah DAP Mobile Services volunteers for Keningau led by Prof Dr Benjamin Yapp. Sabah DAP Parliamentary Liaison Chief for Keningau & Tenom (seated on right) in their recent visit to one of the poor families at Kampung Sandapak, Bingkor to provide welfare assistance and register them for eligible poor families entitled for laptop distribution for rural areas.

According to Dr Benjamin, Sabah DAP took the initiative to assist deserving rural communities to obtain a laptop for their schooling children regardless of their support for BN or, the opposition parties as he hoped that there would be a fair distribution of laptops to reach the target groups to prevent any parties or, individuals from manipulating and unfairly distributing to the people of their choice, hence, Sabah DAP had identified the poor and needy families in Bingkor where many poor families could not afford to own a computer for their schooling children.

He further said that, what is the use to distribute the expensive lap-top to the poor kampongs where there are no electricity supply and inter-net service. It is better to use the fund to develop the electricity and water supply and provide good roads for the poor kampong.

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