Thursday 29 July 2010


THE illegal immigrant problems in Sabah had been a ‘pain in the ash’ for many decades, the Federal and State government are seen to be less than whelming in tackling the problems which is affecting the Sabahan deeply.

Now the talk on allowing these illegal immigrants who had entered the front door of Sabah ‘illegally’ and ‘openly’ to be ‘legalized’ and become legalized foreign workers in Sabah. Is the state government doing the right thing?

There were many illegal immigrants had become ‘Sabahan’ through dubious ways or other legal ways, and their numbers are in the hundreds of thousands. Many books and figures were published to the effect, but why nothing and no action had been taken.

Recently, the government announced that they are issuing IMM13 to children of the refugees holding IMM13 certificates. There are some 85,000 or more such holders who seek refuge in Sabah some 3 decades ago from the Southern Philippine away from war or disturbances or worried to be caught.

Many of them had settled down here under the protection of the United Nation. The question is why we still allowed them to stay on while there is already peace in the Southern Philippine.

Many of these people already settled down and obtained our Sabahan status together with their families. Some had obtained Permanent Resident status to stay here for ever. Some had been used as ‘Phantom Voters’ too with ‘MyKad Palsu’!

These illegal immigrants had been the constant headache for the police, Rela, Immigration Dept, and other enforcement units. Why should we have to pick up the shit left behind and created by them?

The most recent case in Tawau where a 54 years old lady was tied up and killed by two illegal immigrants was a true sad hard fact of the cruelty of these people. The duo was caught while trying to board a boat heading home to their country at the jetty.

Now, we can see how serious the problem is and how easy to come in and get out of Sabah, it is just like no man’s land, come and go as you like.

What is the use of catching them, putting them to ‘Rumah Merah’, give them free food, doctors, transport them home in air conditioned coaches with escorts and free trip back to their home country?

They may be back in two days time. The country is spending millions of our money doing something hopeless and for nothing, and these people keep on coming everyday. Sabah is a paradise for illegal immigrants.

If the illegal immigrants are caught, why are we not punishing them by imposing a fine or imprisonment? In return, the government are so kind to them even though they had committed a crime of illegal entering to our State.

The question is, why can’t we stop them from coming in and why we failed the deportation exercise, and why we have to resource to legalize these illegal? Are we inviting more to come into Sabah?

The ten times jump in population in the past years is not enough, is the government wanting to create another triple jump in our population? If Sarawak can effectively control and stop illegal immigrants entering into their state, and maintain a steady growth in their population, why can’t Sabah do the same?

The government should immediately impose a border security tighten up permanently and close our border for easy gain entry by these illegal immigrants. No more ‘free in and free out’ concept allowed. The Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman being the chief of the Sabah Security Council must personally held responsible if this ruling is not strictly imposed.


  1. IMM13 only issued to kids of holders: Musa
    Published on: Tuesday, July 27, 2010
    Kota Kinabalu: State Government has never issued new IMM13 refugee documents to Filipinos since 1984, except for children of existing Filipino refugees in Sabah who legally hold the document.
    Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, who is also Chairman of the State Security Committee, said the issuance of IMM13 to such children is also strictly monitored because the Government is aware of the sensitivity of the issue.
    To date there are 84,000 IMM13 document holders in Sabah, he told a press conference after closing a seminar titled "Pengukuhan dan Pemantapan Tadbir Urus Terbaik Sector Awam Sabah 2010" organised by Jawatankuasa Keutuhan Tadbir Urus Kerajaan Negeri Sabah at the Pacific Sutera, Monday.
    The IMM13 document refers to a special pass issued by the Immigration Department to war refugees from the Philippines to enable them to live in Sabah until such time it is appropriate to go back.
    He was asked about a Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) claim that a syndicate is allegedly issuing IMM13 documents to illegals in the State.
    PBS Information Chief Datuk Johnny Mositun had said he received reports of shady goings-on where foreigners who entered Sabah using passports were offered IMM13 documents to prolong their stay.
    Mositun said he know that IMM13 is only meant for Filipino refugees under the UNHCR in the 1970s and there is supposed to be no more new issuance.
    "State Government is serious with matters related to IMM13 refugees and illegal immigrant issues," said Musa.
    "We also did not detect any abuse in the issuance of IMM13 document (to children of IMM13 holders), which we are monitoring strictly because we are aware of how sensitive this issue is," he added.
    "Since the day I took the helm as Chief Minister there was no issuance of IMM13 to Filipinos who just arrived in the State."
    He said the Government's seriousness on illegal immigrants and particularly Filipino refugees in Sabah was shown through the setting up of the special lab for illegal immigrants, which are taking into account all the related matters.
    Musa said he had also made it clear during the State Security Committee meeting that the operation to flush out illegal immigrants from Sabah would be held from time to time.
    On Umno Sepanggar's call to the State Government to set up a special committee to look into and ensure smooth implementation progress of all the government projects, Musa said the State Government actually already have such a committee that monitors the progress and problems of every government projects.
    He said the State Development Council which is chaired by him as well as the State Development Working Committee chaired State Secretary are working to monitor the performance of Federal- and State-funded projects.
    "We also have a one-stop committee chaired by State Secretary to look into solution to any problem including bureaucracy problem, land matters, approval process and so on," he said, adding all these are to the projects are free from any problem that can delay its implementation progress.
    "There is no need to have too many committees because to have too many will also cause a problem like overlapping and so on. What's important is we already have such monitoring bodies and they are performing well," he said.

  2. It's been going on for long time now, time for the best solution. Roundatable discussion gentlemen.

  3. masalah pti di sabah adalah sangat serius dan adalah amat wajar para ahli-ahli yang berkuasa dan telah diberi kuasa memikirkan dan melaksanakan tindakan selanjutnya. rakyat sebenarnya amat bosan menunggu penyelesaian masalah pti yang mendapat warganegara dan ic sewenang-wenangnya tanpa melalui proses yang adil dan telus

  4. Isu PATI dan pemberian status warganegara ini perlu diberi perhatian. Ini sesuatu isu yang serius.