Monday, 1 December 2014


Media statement issued by Junz Wong on SAFMA latest development


ADUN LIKAS Junz Wong has hailed the KK Fish Boats Owners Association continuous efforts to seek for solutions to ease the intense fish market situation.

KK Fishing Boats Owner Association may be able to find a temporary avenue to go back to sea to fish. That is to unload the catch at private jetties such as QL jetty etc at Sepanggar for the time being.

KKFBOA President Mr Simon Hong said KKFBOA has successfully NEGOTIATED with QL Jetty to use the jetty temporarily to resume operations.

We are thankful to the owner of the private jetty to allow us to use the jetty on temporary basis in view of the urgency and the damaging impact this issue has on general public and the Sabah fishery sector.

We hope to re start operations by Wednesday, 3 December as there are many technical arrangements needed to ensure smooth operational procedure for arranging on the turns to berth at the jetty.

QL Jetty also needs some time to arrange space to accommodate the fishing boats catch.

Furthermore KKFBOA needs to overcome some technical problems faced by some fish boats owners such as transportation etc.
Most fish boat owners are also worried that by berthing at QL Jetty is as good as not going out to sea because they can still incur losses depending on the result of the fishing trip.

QL Jetty INITIALLY didn't agree to let other fishing boats use their jetty because they have to protect their EU license.

QL supplies to European market hence they have to comply with the strict requirements of the European standards.

They will be audited two or three times annually in order to renew the license especially on the cleanliness issue.

So QL jetty is meant only for their own private use as they are able to control the cleanliness.
If they open it up then it will be literally out of control!

In view of this urgent issue of such magnitude, QL has agreed to allow it for temporary basis till SAFMA found a solution.

Simon further explained that SAFMA Managing Director has met KKFBOA OFFICIALLY two days ago to persuade them to go back to sea while SAFMA can find a solution to this problem. SAFMA MD said he needed more time.

It's only for very temporary because the jetty is too small to cater for all fishing boats and because jetty is small they have to take turns to unload fishes. That will severely limit QL own operations so this is a huge favor!

It will take only 2 weeks or sooner before QL disallows fishing boats to operate in their jetty. So with QL as temporary solution, I hope SAFMA can deliver their promise and resolve this issue before QL Jetty can no longer cater for the fishing boats.

Junz Wong who is also DAP Sabah Organizing Secretary stressed that though fishing boats can use QL private jetty, it will not be enough to supply for KK seafood needs.

But at least it will help to ease some tension especially for fishmongers.
Junz hoped SAFMA would not take their own sweet time to resolve this urgent matter.

Simon re-emphasized on the point that fishing boats had no intention to cease operations but did so because they were been forced to due to unreasonable charges imposed which will lead to losses incurred.

Fishing boats are more than willing to operate back in SAFMA jetty if SAFMA could make positive announcement to stop all collections imposed by these private companies until this issue is resolved.

Simon said he would talk to another private jetty hoping that they could also use the jetty on temporary basis.

"I hope other private jetties could also be ready to allow fishing boats to use their jetty for temporary basis and fishing boats can start operation as soon as possible.

I once again urge SAFMA to terminate these private companies for causing such a historical & damaging incident to Sabah fishery industry."

Junz concluded

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