Monday 8 December 2014

Re-study the subsidy mechanism

by : Junz Wong 

DAP Sabah Organizing Secretary told Ministry to stop the continuation of 50% subsidy at a staggering RM17 million  for sea transport as it has defeated it's purpose. 

Junz said that not only it has not achieved its goals to minimize the impact of higher goods prices and ease burden of sea transportation commuters, most of the subsidy go directly into the pockets of the few sea transporters operating from Menumbok to Labuan and back. 

"The Labuan consumer action council and The Labuan domestic trade, cooperative and consumerism office are not wrong to claim that this policy doesn't benefit people at large and have no impact towards reducing prices of goods in Labuan and this needed to be re-studied." Junz agreed  

Junz Wong who is also ADUN LIKAS fully agreed with their comments above as he knew that the few transporters have been charging extraordinary unreasonably expensive transportation fee and the relevant authorities and enforcement officers didnt do their jobs.

"Though there is specific clear cut guideline to monitor the transportation charges, enforcement is lacking." Junz said 

"Years back when small time traders made complaints / noises about unreasonable high transportation fee, instead of monitoring the transportation charges according to guidelines, govt implemented this subsidy policy to pay 50% of the UNREASONABLE charges to the transporters." Junz explained 

"So please enlighten me how would this subsidy policy help to reduce prices of goods and benefits people at large when it aims to pay directly to few transporters expensive charges ?! " Junz inquired 

"This is one lopsided subsidy policy which must be abolished immediately. New subsidy mechanism needs to be studied carefully to ensure people at large are benefited." concluded Junz Wong 

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