Monday 8 December 2014

Learn from Indonesia, Junz urged

by : Junz Wong 

DAP Sabah Organizing Secretary Junz Wong said that Sabah Govt should learn from Indonesia and stop Vietnamese fishing boats from stealing in our sea too!

"It's a known fact that Vietnamese fishing boats have been spotted fishing in our sea irresponsibly and taken away precious seafood as well as killing our protected species." Junz said 

Junz urged Sabah authorities to show strong determination by taking extensive measures / actions against those illegal Vietnamese fishing boats spotted at our sea. 

"However, Some industrial players told me that the Vietnamese fishing boats may possess the Malaysia legal operation licenses, leased from the fishing boat operators in Sabah, Malaysia. 

I demand the authorities to clarify if that was true. Why the licensed holders don't operate the fishery business themselves ?" Junz asked 

Junz Wong who is also ADUN LIKAS called on relevant authorities to investigate this allegation and if indeed discovered to be true, these irresponsible, not genuine Sabah fishing players licenses should be revoked and these Vietnamese fishing boats should be given a stern warning not to enter Sabah sea OR face jail terms. 

Sabah Govt should immediately implement a policy / announce to stop any license holders from leasing out to non-Malaysian operators OR risk losing the licenses for good. 

State Govt must act urgently in order to protect our fishery sectors and sea from deteriorating to a stage where there is no return.

"Sabahans are and will be the ultimate loser if this continues to happen." Junz concluded 

“@BPbreakingnews: Indonesia sinks Vietnam fishing boats #BreakingNews”

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