Friday 26 December 2014

Jimmy should go to Penang to protest the Penang Island parking coupons

by: Edward Ewol Mujie (Vice Chairman of Sabah People Right Association)

Kota Kinabalu : Jimmy Wong Tze Ping the chairman of Sabah DAP cum MP for Kota Kinabalu has been very vocal against the new parking coupon and rates, has he created unnecessary grievances among motorists with regards to the DBKK parking coupons system which has been implemented in October this year. 

He even instigated the motorists in KK not to pay the parking fees and at the same time challenges the DBKK to sue him because he has ten lawyers who will be advising him.  He insists to maintain his stance to fight the coupon system and he wants DBKK to take his view seriously.

In the statement issued today, Edward Ewol Mujie, the Vice Chairman of Sabah People Right Association said he can’t understand why Jimmy Wong talk so much about the Kota Kinabalu parking coupon system and yet he is silent about the Penang Island parking coupons system which was implemented on the 15.02.2014.   This was highlighted by the KK City Mayor recently as a comparison to the KK coupon.  

Just to enlighten Jimmy Wong in case he doesn’t know, there are two types of parking coupons issued by the Municipal Council of Penang Island, which are the Green coupon for half-hourly parking and the Oranges coupon for hourly parking.  The RM4 booklet comprises stack of 10 pieces half-hour coupons while the RM6 booklet comprises a stack of 5 pieces of half-hour and 5 for one hour coupons.  The coupon for half-hour is 40 cents and one hour type is 80 cents, and the monthly coupon is RM150.00 per month, but when compared to KK monthly parking coupon is only RM53.00. 

According to the information from the websitein Penang there are THREE types of Parking zones :
Green signboards: Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 morning - 5:00 evening, Saturdays 9:00 morning - 1:00 afternoon; Sundays and public holidays: free of charge
Blue signboards: Mondays to Saturdays: operational beyond the usual working hours; Sundays and public holidays: free of charge
Red signboards: Operational every day including public holidays, according to stated times on board

Isn’t this burdening the people in Penang? Why not Jimmy Wong goes to Penang and protests on behalf of the motorists and tells them not to pay the parking fee in Penang Island.  If he dare not, maybe because the Penang Government is under DAP administration.

Edward said that the Penang Island Parking Coupons is managed by a private company known as Alam Indah Sdn. Bhd. and not by Penang DAP Government.   Whereas in Kota Kinabalu it is fully managed by the DBKK.  He said if studied carefully between the two parking coupons system, in Penang are more expensive than that in KK as seen in the Red Parking Zone, where the fees are charged before 9.00am and continued after 5.00pm. 

Blue signboards operational beyond working hours and Red signboard operational everyday including public holidays.  However in Kota Kinabalu, the DBKK will only charge from 8.00am to 5.00pm for Mondays and Fridays and Saturdays from 8.00am to 12.00pm.   Sunday and Public Holidays are free.

Edward said he hopes that with the revelation of the Penang Island Parking Coupons System, the motorists and the public in general should not be influenced by Jimmy Wong, instead the Kota Kinabalu motorists and the public in general should respect the by-laws and contribute to pay the parking fees which is moderate and reasonable. 

On the other hand, if they follow as called by Jimmy Wong not to pay any parking fees, on the event of being summoned by DBKK, they should hand over the summons to him for settlement by him as mentioned in the newspaper.

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