Wednesday 31 December 2014


by: Hiew King Cheu

Foh Sang shops before painting

The Foh Sang shops in Luyang, Kota Kinabalu, received a new look with a coat of weather- seal paint. The old faded multi-colored shop surfaces are now looking nice with a single grey color for all the shops, and they are lined with dark grey color edging to create a modern look.

The repainting work to the Foh Sang shops was recently arranged by the Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu with the full corporation from all the shop owners. Hiew said the repainting work is liked by many people who frequent these shops for their shopping, for the drinks and food.

Foh Sang shops after repainting
He said there are more work to be done in the Luyang area, and the Luyang Assemblyman Office wishes to have the continue support and corporation from the people in Luyang.

He pointed out that some of the old, dirty and torn sun sheds hanging in front the shops are needed to be replaced with new ones, and it is better still with some tourist attraction pictures printed on. More tourists are coming to Foh Sang now for the food and fruits, and we hope to give them a better impression.

The City Hall, DBKK has always been encouraging the building owners in Kota Kinabalu City to maintain and up-keep their buildings to be presentable and with a clean look.

We don’t want KK City looking very ugly, dirty and like a slump city.  In fact, our valued tourists would expect and be happy to find KK City a clean and beautiful city.  In order to encourage more tourists to visit KK, we shall have to do our little part.

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