Thursday 18 December 2014


by : Hiew King Cheu

Banner for the Christmas event

The Luyang Assemblyman Office will be organizing a “Christmas Caroling Night” to celebrate the Christmas festive season. This will be held in the Luyang Foh Sang Shop on the 21st of December, 2014, on Sunday night from 7pm to 10pm.

The night’s program consists of Christmas songs, caroling songs, prayers, musical band performance, and karaoke singing by the audiences. The highlight of the program shall see the beautiful Santarinas giving away Christmas present. 

All are welcome to sing along in the karaoke session and please bring your own CDs for the song.  There will be three choir groups from the churches in Kota Kinabalu to present their Christmas songs in the function. 

The organizer, MCA Luyang Assemblyman YB Hiew King Cheu said, this is aiming to uplift the atmosphere and the spirit of Christmas, especially to foster closer unity, relationship, friendship and harmony among the people irrespective of religion and race. To organize this Christmas function is by popular request from the people in Luyang. 

All are welcome to join the Christmas Caroling Night in Foh Sang.   

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