Monday 8 December 2014

Petronsians PlaySmart at the state library HQ

by : Hiew King Cheu

Hiew picture with the Program Head of Petrosians PlaySmart Norhana Hamim and staffs

The MCA Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu made a visit to the Petronsians PlaySmart centre in the Sabah state library headquarter in Luyang near the Wisma Pertanian and the Federal Cultural Centre. He was accompanied by the Head of Outreach Programs (Sabah) Norhana Hamim and the staffs of the centre during the visit.

One lady tried out the building of an arch bridge

Many people did not know that there is the program of learning and play which was put up as early as January 2012 in the Sabah State Library HQ in Luyang. The Petronsians PlaySmart centre is operated and funded by the Petronas together with the Sabah State Library, whereby the state library is to provide the venue only. 

Kids from play school listening to briefing by staff

This is aiming at providing and nurture meaningful science learning, and to enrich people’s lives and to enhance PETRONAS reputation. The program started in January 2012, and so far has attracted many hundred thousands of people, young and old.

During the visit, Hiew was impressed by the program which really gives emphasis on science scientific knowledge, and it creates wonder and to inspire people through engaging and imaginative experiences. There is the display of many scientific knowledge booths, games, light and sound lab, and the computer learning aids. The staffs in the centre are all well trained, polite and handling the visitors especially the very young and the old with care and patient. It is not just learning, but it comes with fun play and joy too. 

Hiew said there is so much to learn and to play in the Petrosains PlaySmart centre which is good and beneficial to all age group. He strongly recommended the parents to bring their children to visit the centre during this school holidays, and at the same time would be a good idea to allow the children to spend time in the library to read more books to develop a good reading habit. 

The Sabah state library is well equipped with a good stock of books, and computers are available for information search and for advance learning.    

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