Saturday 13 December 2014

Kit Siang: 5,000 pages of RCI Report 'missing'

KOTA KINABALU: DAP’s elder statesman Lim Kit Siang wants Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to release another 5,000 pages of the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) Report which he alleged was left out and/or is “missing”.

This explains, according to him, why the Report is only 368 pages. “The Report should be the thickest and most voluminous of all RCI reports in the nation’s history.”

He also wants to know why the Report does not carry the signatures of the Commissioners in the Report, not even a preface by the Chairman Steve Shim, as in other similar reports.

Lim was speaking at a Public Forum in Kota Kinabalu on Thursday, HOPES for Sabah or CRIES of Sabah, on the Report.

The RCI, points out Lim who is also DAP Parliamentary Leader and Gelang Patah MP, received 361 memorandum and 177 exhibits, and held public hearings from January 14 until late September 2013 where 211 witnesses appeared before it.

“Where are the memorandum, notes of evidence, the statutory declarations and exhibits which were submitted to the RCI which, I understand, exceed 5,000 pages and which are essential parts of the Report,” he asked.

He urged Sabahans, and Malaysians, to demand that Najib release the full Report “as it is in the public interest that all the over 5,000 pages of memorandum, notes of evidence, statutory declarations and exhibits be made public”.

“In fact, this should be the first task of the Joseph Pairin Kitingan management committee on the Report,” said Lim. “Is Pairin prepared to take a stand that another 5,000 pages of the Report should immediately be made public?

There should be a solution to the four-decades-old problem of illegal immigrants which has changed the political demography in Sabah, stressed Lim, as well as the social, economic and security circumstances and landscape for Sabahans.

“If the Report had been released before the GE13 in May last year, Najib would not be the Prime Minister today,” said Lim. “If there’s an election in Sabah today, the Report will be the one issue which will cause the downfall of the Umno/BN Government in Sabah.” (free malaysia today)

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