Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Health Minister to visit Sabah more often

by : Chong Chee Min

The Federal Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Subramaniam s/o K.V. Sathasivam is requested to make more rounds of visits to Sabah to see to the problems we have here. Making this call is the MCA ex-Hospital Visiting Board member of the Kota Kinabalu Queen Elizabeth Hospital 1, Mr. Peter Chong Chee Min.

Peter Chong in a statement issued today said that the Federal Health Minister has not come to visit Sabah for quite sometime, and may be partly due to his busy schedules in the Semananjong, especially the present serious flood situation there. 

Anyhow, he would still wish to make the call for the Minister to make some regular visits to the whole Sabah State. He said this is very important for the minister to see things for himself. There are pressing matters needed to be addressed by the minister personally in order to speed up the process, implementation and make improvements. 

On the other hand, Peter Chong also urges the Health Minister to make the necessary and urgently required new appointment of the members to the Hospital Visiting Board. 

These are on voluntary basis and these appointments basically are to provide help and assistance to the operation and management of the hospitals in Sabah. In Luyang State Constituency alone, there are few important major hospitals like the QEH1, QEH2, Hospital Mesra in Bukit Padang and the popular Luyang Polyclinic. 

It will be very beneficial to the hospitals if additional hands are being deployed to help out with the hospital work. It is almost two years now that the hospitals have no Visiting Board to assist. 

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