Wednesday 28 January 2015

Taman Dixon dangerous manhole needs to be removed

by : Hiew King Cheu

Chong points at the problem manhole.

The residents from the Luyang Taman Dixon near the famous steamboat shop today approached their Luyang state assemblyman YB Hiew King Cheu to assist them in arranging a dangerous manhole which is protruding above the road level and causing many accidents in the area to be altered to the same level of the road. 

This manhole is just around the road corner and that makes it more dangerous for the cars.

A Mr. Chong Poh Jin pointed out to Hiew during the inspection, and he said this part of the road is an accident prompt area and it is a blind corner for the cars coming out from behind the shops here. 

If the manhole is leveled, the car will be easier to make the cornering, and see further out whether any cars are coming.

Hiew looked at the situation as urgent, and he will arrange DBKK and JKR to look into this matte quickly. He has been told that this problem persisted for quite sometime now, and it is high time to put the matter right.

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