Saturday 28 July 2012


THE PROBLEM over the control of the PATI was brought out in the Parliament recently, and the Minister of Home Affairs gave an answer that is not acceptable and did not spell out the proper measure that can work out to control the ever increasing illegal immigrant population, especially in Sabah. This serious illegal immigrant problem has spread out into every corner of Malaysia now.  

The Minister said that the presence of the illegal immigrants is not only the responsibility of the government but it is everyone’s duty too. All the Malaysian needs to stop these PATI but not sheltering, protecting, renting them the houses, giving them jobs and paying them wages. Some of the people in Malaysia supported the PATI but the government will continue to stop the PATI from entering the country.

The 6P program to register the PATI is a program to collect data and information on these PATI in the country especially their biometric details will assist the enforcement and to ensure the security of the country. This program shall provide checks on the false document and identity frequently used by these people, and the data collected will help to identify.

He also replied that it is essential to fill up the available vacancies in the economy sector where foreign workers are needed. This will effectively reduce the PATI from coming in to the country further. The issue on levy money collection, he said this must be stepped up in order to increase the national revenue collection.

He said the government will carried out measures to control the situation and to reduce the entry of the illegal immigrants into the country. He also stated that the government never issued any Mycard or false card to the PATI. The citizenship is only granted to the person who is qualified under the laws in the Section 3 of the Malaysia Constitutions.

It is rather sad to see how the government is handling the problems faced by the Malaysian especially the Sabahan over the issue of the PATI (Illegal Immigrant). The answer given by the Home Minister came as a surprise in what was mentioned. It is not a way to solve the problems but merely is encouraging more PATI to come here to settle down, earn a living and become a citizen of Malaysia.

We have the 6P program and the PATI has come forward to register themselves with all their photos and biometric data taken down in the files. Very sadly, what is the purpose, and why after having these data and information and knowing these are illegal immigrant who had come into the country through the back doors, why no action was taken against them? Now the Minister merely said the exercise is to serve as record and can assist on the security of the country, especially on the false documents like Mycard.

This seems very contradicting and why after knowing these are PATI there is no action taken? We understand some of them already received Mycard but the Home Ministry denied it. There are many cases was brought out, why there is no action take? The fact is that why our neighboring countries can control the entry of any illegal immigrant, why can’t we do the same?

The most recent round up of the PATI in Sabah has caused a lot of anger and dismay. The people said why round up the foreign workers irrespective whether they are legal or illegal at one go? Since the authorities have the data, they can identify easily?

It is true that the government is looking at putting more money into the government coffer from the levy collection through the employment of the foreign workers, as the minister had said. It is the government that is giving the economy sector a lot of headache and trouble. The government is not helping but letting the issue of PATI going out of control. The PATI can come in easily into Malaysia is because the government did not have a control.

We need a proper security formulae and proper control over the PATI and a long term plan that would not hurt the economy sector. The most important thing is to protect our present and future well being and interest of the Sabahan.

We know these foreigners are taking away gradually the wealth of Sabah and worst still now they have become Malaysian in bulk numbers through legal and illegal ways. What should we do and should we continue to allow this to happen every day? The decision, the power and the future is in your hand.

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