Sunday, 2 December 2012


Dear Editor,

AS Head of Batu Sapi PAS Division, I refer to  the winding-up speech delivered by Datuk Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, UMNO Vice-President cum Minister of Defence, in the just concluded UMNO General Assembly at PWTC.

In his speech, Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi made a very grave and serious allegation when he lied to the UMNO delegates, the speech of  which was also telecasted live throughout the nation by the electronic medias, that Pakatan Rakyat intends to abolish and dissolve the Royal Malay Regiment, hence renegade on the 'will' left out by the Royalty that urged the nation to safeguard the existence of the Royal Malay Regiment.

Let it be clear, PR's agenda is to change the ruling political leaders and the UMNO/BN government in a democratic manner, nothing more, nothing less! Changing the government of the day through ballot boxes is guaranteed under the constitution and it is done every 5 years.

This practice is carried out in all democratic and civilised nations. Why must Datuk Zahid resort to a dirty tactic by pitting the PR leaders against the armies?? Is Datuk Zahid Hamidi failing his memory when recently more than 600 ex-armies joined PAS in a ceremony held at the PAS Muktamar in Kelantan?

The move by the ex-armies clearly demonstrated their high regards towards the Pakatan Rakyat leaders and their struggle to realise a government that upholds 'people supremacy'.

Is Datuk Zahid Hamidi failing to keep abreast with events unfolding in the country so much so that he forgets that even the former Director of Criminal Investigation Department, Datuk Fauzi Shaari, has joined PAS, a member party in Pakatan Rakyat coalition?

I truly believe  that UMNO has sensed its imminent defeat and  downfall come this 13th General Election, dubbed by their leaders as 'mother of all elections'. As such, the UMNO leaders are treading on a dangerous path by pitting the armies, which comes under the Yang DiPertuan Agong, against PR leaders. Surely the people are smart enough to reject this 'Machiavellian' way of clinging to power.

Best Regards,

Head of Batu Sapi PAS Division

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