Sunday 23 December 2012


IT HAS BEEN many times whereby we get to read in the newspapers about dysfunctional road lights in Sabah and especially in Kota Kinabalu. How could this still be happening? Aren’t the relevant authorities more advance and better managed these days?  

Jalan Penampang Lama is still in darkness after the road lights had been all changed. This stretch of road is still considered a main road for many users. There are Schools, Churches, Kindergartens, Residential Houses etc…

Another complaint on street light not on is at Tg. Aru flyover.  The relevant authorities will only turn on the road lights when there is a complaint in regards to this matter mentioned.

The residents and road users are furious and frustrated over this matter, and each time they have to put their life at risk when using this stretch of road. Andrew Lee, Special Assistant to Kota Kinabalu MP is just wondering why are the relevant authorities (Majlis Daerah Penampang or DBKK) are not looking into this matter seriously. It has been many times Sabah DAP made complaints and channels this problem to the relevant authorities.

The road lights normally will be good for a few weeks and will be back to total darkness repeatedly. Residents and road users are fed up with this 'Tidak Apa' or ignorant attitude, and why should the authorities put the people at big risk.

In the event that the District Officer of the Penampang District Council and the KK Mayor failed to carry out their duties towards the public, by all means, please 'RESIGN' and allow other capable people to carry out the job effectively. There are only two possibilities on why these road lights are not functioning is that the authorities did not pay up electric bills to SESB or they are not doing their job.

Andrew Lee demands for an immediate action from these relevant authorities. There should be lights in good condition at all times. The relevant authorities are reminded to be more sensitive towards the public. (DAP Media)

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