Friday 28 December 2012


MANY of the holders of liquor licence had made complaint to Sabah DAP that they are facing lot of problems to renew their licence for the year 2013.  Unlike before, their licences are automatically renew by DBKK.

But now they have to fill up the necessary applications form for renewal and forward them to DBKK who in turn will forward them to the Custom and Excise Department and to the Police for comments before approval can be given by DBKK, Edward Mujie said.

Edward who is Sabah DAP State Vice Chairman said that, this new procedures will take a long time for their licences to be renewed and it is very perplexing that such procedures has been implemented by DBKK.

Those new application for liquor licence had been vetted by the Custom and Excise Department and the Police before their application can be approved by DBKK and now when they applied for renewal the same process has to be repeated  which are not only time consuming but will one way or another, jeopardized their business if the renewal are delayed. This procedure may even bring along corrupt practices.

Edward said that such new procedure should not been implemented as the duties of the Custom and Excise Department and Police are to make sure that all the liquor licence holders comply with all the condition in their licences while carrying out their business.

So Edward urges the DBKK to follow the old system so that all the liquor licences holders can get their licence before 31.12.2012.

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