Sunday 30 December 2012


THERE are many areas in the Kota Kinabalu Fish Market which are needed upgrading and improvement. The Sabah DAP Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu went for an inspection after invitation extended to his office from the business operators recently.

Together on the visit were the Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie, his special assistant Andrew Lee and Robert Rajah.

They saw that the lamp pole is near collapse and being tie back by ropes. This light is said to be not working for a long time. The people here fear that when it collapses will sure hit someone.

The floor out side the fish market which is frequently used by the operators and fish monger is already broken up badly. They want the authorities to come to help to redo the floor with replace with good floor tiles. The same goes to the walkway inside the fish market, so that the floor can be kept clean and dry.

The customers always complain about the wet and slippery floor inside the market. Their feet always become smelly when ever the walk in.

The fish mongers and the fishing boat operators have complained to Hiew when they saw him in the market, and they brought him to see the troublesome way of unloading their catch of fishes from the small boat over the fence wall and a hole through the metal bar fence.

There is no jetty to unload their baskets of fish from their small fishing boats and there are no steps to climb up the steep sea wall. At time the whole basket of fishes can over turn and fell into the sea. To bring up a basket of fish, they need at least 5 to 6 person using rope to pull up and through the wall and fence. The work is very heavy and time consuming.

The people there asked whether a jetty could be constructed and a gate to be open for them to ease the moving of the fishes on the ground from the boat. In fact this could be easily done if the authorities and the government have the intention to do so. The cost will be very little, and this will sure ease the work of these fishermen. The situation has been like this for a long time, and there were no action to rectify and improve the situation.

Hiew told the people that he will personally look into it and ensure that their problems here in the fish market can be resolved. The SAFMA and the DBKK should immediately come to put the matter right and make the KK fish market a better place for the people to buy their daily supply of fresh fishes.

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