Tuesday 25 December 2012


PENAMPANG : A veteran political activist who was once with Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) said many among the Barisan Nasional leaders in Sabah had at many times told crowds that BN stands for 'Barisan Nah Sial'.

Fredoline Edwin Lojingki, 71, who is now with opposition State Reform Party (Star) said he could name these hypocrite leaders who are now heaping praises after praises on BN and its corrupt leaders.

"These leaders once referred to BN as Barisan Nah Sial but they are singing a different tune now because they are now ministers, they got projects and all the trappings of power," he said in a statement here today in response to Johnny Mositun's statement yesterday.

Lojingki said PBS Johnny Mositun has forgotten what had Umno done with its two-third majority. "He forgot that it is because of BN losing its two third majority in Parliament that it now is wooing Sabah and Sarawak votes," he opined.

"Had Mositun forgotten that at one time Dr Mahathir Mohamad proudly announced on television that without Sabah and Sarawak, Umno could still rule the Federal Government? Is Mositun aware of the importance of a check and balance in Parliament?" 

"We Sabahans must think before we speak whether a two-third majority or worse a complete control of Parliament by BN is good or bad for Sabah," stressed Lojingki.

But having said that, he said, only the people could decide if they want BN, or any other party, to have a two-third majority in the 222-seat Parliament.

"We leaders have a duty to explain what we believe is good for the country. Let us not mislead the people just because we curry powder with the power that be, forgetting how difficult it is for lagging Sabah and Sarawak to be heard by a powerful central power," he added. (STAR Media)

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