Thursday, 13 December 2012



THE MALAYSIAN General Election 13 mood is in the air, however, no one knows when it will be called. As the general public aware that there are rules and regulations set on the placing of party flags on public places and on public properties by the various authorities, all political parties must abide by the laws.

There are many flags being placed on many locations in and out of KK city carrying various political logos. The law says that only during campaigning period that these flags can only be put up and if any political parties fail to do so, these flags will be confiscated by relevant authorities such as DBKK.

The office of Kota Kinabalu MP recently organized a dinner at a well-known restaurant just opposite Suria Sabah. It is rather common that each time when there is such an event organized by any political party, party flags will be placed to mark the location of the event.

However, DBKK, with its 'BIAS' attitude had repeatedly instructed the flags to be removed. The officer from DBKK telephoned the KK MP office and asked to remove by a specific time given or the DAP flags would be confiscated.

Andrew Lee, Special Assistant to Kota Kinabalu MP demands for an explanation from DBKK on why other political parties flags especially the Barisan Nasional flags placed in the Kota Kinabalu City are not taken down or confiscated by DBKK or given warnings. These party flags had been hanging permanently there for more many months now.

The authorities and DBKK are practicing 'double standard'. The Mayor of KK City should monitor and explain the reason. If DAP has to remove its flags, then everyone else must remove the same.

Sabah DAP urges DBKK to walk the talk, do what is right and be fair to all regardless of political differences and parties.  DBKK must be matured in handling its matters independently without any outside interference or instructions given by certain individuals that will benefit from it. (DAP Media)

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