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Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to an article published in Free Malaysia Today entiled ‘Purge Bumburing from Sabah politics’ dated 13th December by Luke Rintod. Calling each other a traitor to Sabah’s cause or sleeping with the ruling coalition will not help the community grow bigger and better, instead it deepens the wounds suffered due to too much divisions caused by the political industrial complex itself. Sabahans are deeply divided and our wounds may never heal.

Orang Asal should not pin their hopes on any warring political organizations for solutions because neither the political class nor the executives owns the Orang Asal’s right to Self-Determination. Instead, the political class must first show mature politics before it even begins to woo the Orang Asal for votes. Political fighting between Bumburing and Jambun deepens the divide and as a result it showcases that neither have shown true leadership examples to the people.

The futures of Orang Asal are non-exclusive to the executive powers. This must be made very loud and clear. The executive powers always withers on itself even to the point of self-destruction, but the people’s will and inspirations for a better future continue to spark off imaginations in the minds of the political class to reconstruct itself and further pursue executive powers.

Orang Asal are in control of own destinies and it is the job of State, Government and political organization to provide the access for partnership. Without partnership, when Orang Asal realizes that political and ruling class does nothing for them, can you blame them? No. Blame yourselves for not understanding what they truly want.

Whatever Bumburing suggested and whatever Jambun replied back reflects that neither has a good ‘pitch’ to begin with from my personal observation. Yes it is true thatman does not live by bread alone. It is also true politicians survive because and for the Vote. 

When Jambun or Bumburing says ‘the people of Sabah and Sarawak’ – whom do they refer to? Do they represent each and every man, woman and child? Has everyone given them executive powers to speak on their behalf when the freedom of speech is granted to everyone under the constitution? You see, one needs to first prove their representation before one can declare them as possessions. But if so, is man mere possession? Is not man – a human being?

There is a smirk on my face after reading the ‘exorcism’ idea of driving traitor spirit out of the Orang Asal. It is utterly unnecessary to even mention such an idea because we all know that political division and rule propaganda weakens the determinationand this createsthe entry point for brainwash. Therefore it is not spiritual but rather mental. When man has a weak mind, he is then easy to control.

I do not agree that there is a Malayan Agenda because all executive power belongs to the ruling class of the Federation and the States and the group of elites charter the agendas to control, rule and colonize internally as well as externally over citizens. Thus, calling it a Malayan Agenda is actually the wedge of the game to divide, rule and conquer. 

Why not introduce an Orang Asal Agenda instead of harping on a fictional Malayan Agenda? How about we charter a new agenda for self-determination instead of ‘slapping the face of another with one hand but holding the treasure in the trouser pocket’?

Is it true that opposing internal colonization is what the Orang Asal truly wants or is it just hearsay? Is there a final consensus reached? Was there any consultation process at all? Any declarations or resolution reached and published? If not, then it is wiser for the vote chasers to seek the will of Orang Asal first before representing their voices as a gambit to outwit each other.

My suggestion is for both sides to adopt FPIC (Free, Prior and Informed Consent) as stated in the United Nations Declarations of The Rights Of Indigenous People (UNDRIP). This is the new method and tool to use because Orang Asal has absolute rights that must be respected by the State, the Government and especially by the political industrial complex.

Regarding puppets. Politicians aren’t puppets. There is a new term that non-partisan young observers use to coin most politicians – Muppets (Where a hand is used to move the mouth). Do politicians ‘frog leap’? Yes. Do politicians ‘sell dreams’? Yes. So, on the contrary, don’t politicians consume the same sustenance – rice on a daily basis just likes the rest of us? We are equal to one another so politicians calling each other puppets are the same as calling the kettle black.  

The empowerment that needs to be realized at the coming general elections is a matter of great importance especially due to the lack of unity in the political hierarchy.  From my observations this is an indicator that neither one is actual ready for the Vote nor to lead.

If Orang Asal are the defining vote bank, which is exemplified by the argument between Bumburing and Jambun, then my recommendations is for both men to present themselves together to the Orang Asal community and follow the traditional ways of our ancestors in choosing a leader. Most have forgotten that Indigenous People have our own ways of determining who is the chosen one. Unfortunately, the ‘chosen one’ is not lifting a finger to protect the community anymore.

To stand on our two feet again and regain our rightful place as nations in Malaysia – Sabah and Sarawak – if not as free and independent sovereign countries require much more than just rhetoric for now because it is still unclear to many. What is Jambun proposing anyways? Is it to be a new member country in the United Nations or to remain a United Nations member but with a newly formed government? Either way, what is in it for the Orang Asal that he is perceived to be fighting for? Clear definition is strongly needed.

It is not the job of Orang Asal to neutralize the illegal immigrants from the electoral roll. That is the job of the Elections Commission and it has failed miserably! In result, Bersih 2.0 and Malaysians worldwide protested and we all know what effectsit brought. With better governance comprising of the executives of the highest integrity, the electoral rolls can be cleaned up.

In terms of ending the marginalization and engineered disenfranchisement by the BN as claimed, I have this thought. How are both side going to prevent this from happening again when either comes into power?

It is crystal clear that both sides, Bumburing and Jambun are wooing the Orang Asal in their media wars. It is fair game - both have bullets to shoot. But however way it is played; I am looking forward to seepolitical organizationsthat will fight for the rights of the Orang Asal by introducing and adopting the United Nations Declarations of The Rights Of Indigenous People (UNDRIP).

Bumburing and Jambun may well be the chosen oneswe have been waiting for so long due to the void left by the ‘Huguan Siou’. So please, Bumburing and Jambun, make us proud and stop fighting each other for the common good of the Sabahans. Let’s get together (like our ancestors did) and celebrate our indigenous values and pride before it is too late.  

Thank You.


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