Sunday, 2 December 2012



DAP Sabah questioned the validity of investigation reports submitted to Cabinet Ministers by DBKK and other relevant authorities on Likas Bay21 alleged collapsed case.

DAP Sabah State Assistant Secretary, Junz Wong expressed doubts on the reports submitted, he said how could we know the reports were valid to ensure the safety of the building when the reports were submitted more than a month later after the collapsed has occurred and problems rectified.

DBKK reported recently that they have submitted the investigation reports to Cabinet on 5 Oct upon requested by Cabinet Minister on 2 Oct.

The alleged collapsed first made public on 28 Aug and investigations were only carried out upon requested by Cabinet on 2 Oct, NO STOP WORK permit to investigate. Works continued as usual to rectify the alleged collapsed problem!

How can public trust these reports when it is in regards to public safety? It has to be handled and resolved professionally! This is public safety concern issue we are dealing with! Junz stressed.

Junz disclosed that even Cabinet Minister (Dato Masidi) could not assure the building is safe for occupation from the reports submitted during their conversation via twitter.

Reply by Dato Masidi :
@MasidiM: @junzwong: it is the duty of the project consultants to lodge report wth the authority any alleged breach of law, none that i know was made.

@MasidiM: @junzwong : a report was made known 1 month after d alleged incident was 'exposed' & after d alleged problem has been rectified.
@MasidiM: @junzwong : it is difficult to find the truth when the subject matter of the alleged breach has been tampered & rectified before report made

@MasidiM: @junzwong: investigation cld only serve its purpose if there was immediate stoppage to allow 'as is' probe. Evidence gone before report made

There was an indication by all our findings that consultants and engineers and relevant authorities might have failed their professional duties. All these findings seemed to have pointed to an attempt to try to cover up the whole truth of what actually really happened. Junz said.

For all the above reasons given, we demand DBKK and relevant authorities to make these reports public to prove the safety of the building is indeed secured.

Its for the best interests of every party involved and public to resolve public concerns by disclosing these reports submitted. Junz concluded

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