Saturday, 15 December 2012


THE SO-CALL 'round about' in Tanjong Aru town is in fact a concrete culvert placed in the middle of a road junction next to the shops and post office. This is the complaint brought up to the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu during his early hour breakfast in the coffee shop here.

The people here request the traffic junction to be upgraded to meet the safety requirements . It is necessary to reduce the confusion on the part of the drivers due to not enough road lines and arrows drawn on the road surface. The drivers often confused when entering the round about area because of not knowing who should go first or stop.

They said the matter was brought to the notice of the local State Assemblyman cum Assistant Minister of Local Government Datuk Edward Yong and he promised to look into the matter. Unfortunately, until today there is nothing done to improve the situation in Tg. Aru.

There are many other issues needed attention and immediate work done to the pavements, drain, and the ugly abandoned building site next to the church. Tg Aru is a small town with just a few rolls of shop, it should be easily taken care of. The authority and DBKK should be able to upgrade the facilities here without difficulties, but it seems that they have neglected here. (DAP Media)

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