Sunday, 9 December 2012



FROM Silam, then Sandakan and Kg Sinakut, Wong Tack leadership has the sabah government to cancel their plan to build a dirty coal fired power plant next to the most beautiful sea in the world.

With that, Sabahan become more appreciate with their environment and Wong Tack had bring the 'Green Message' from SABAH to our counterpart in MALAYA in 'Himpunan Hijau' and his 'Green Walk'.

For those who not managed to join Wong Tack at his GREEN WALK, now you got a chance to meet him and let him see that SABAHAN are with him fully in his effort in making MALAYSIA a better place for our 'Future Generation'.

Support his effort by get (while stock last) your own SEPA GREEN TEES for RM20 on the day or follow direction on this LINK

Date 11/12/2012 (Tuesday)
Location: KK Airport (To be announce)
Time: To be announce

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