Saturday, 8 December 2012


THE ELECTION Commission (EC/SPR) has announced the change of the two polling centre under the Likas constituency N14. (1) Bandar Utara 172/14/01 originally sited at Sabah Trade Centre and now moved to Dewan Serba Guna Komplexs Sukan Likas - 4 streams. (2) Bandar Selatan 172/14/02 originally sited at Dewan Serba Guna Kompleks Sukan Likas, and now moved to Dewan Gimnasium - 2 streams.

The new adjusted electoral list until 30th June 2012 and gazette on 16th August 2012 forwarded to the KK MP office has shown that there are few small changes. The names of the deceased have been removed and there are some people moved away from the Likas constituency. In 172/14/01 Bandar Utara, there is a total of 167 people removed from the June 2010 list until June 2012 list, and in 172/14/02 there is an reduction of only 13 people on the June 2010 list to the June 2012 list.

KK MP Hiew King Cheu said the SPR is seen taking action to clean up the electoral list, especially those deceased and dubious voters. This had come under heavy fire from all quarters and it is believed that there are still many dubious voters or “hantu” voters being listed.

There is a case involving bulk movement of thousand numbers of voters allegedly being paid to move from other constituencies into the Kota Kinabalu Parliament constituency which comprising of N14 Likas, N15 Api Api and N16 Luyang, and the SPR has warned that that it is not acceptable and will be rejected.

This must be stopped to avoid foul play and to ensure a fair and clean election. This is bad as far as democracy is concerned, and this can be an act of cheating and foul play. SPR has issued a warning on this. Anyone who know of this should come up to testify against the party who is doing it.

If there is a sharp increase in the numbers of voters in a particular constituency, the SPR must immediately step in to investigate and do not let this to happen. In the case of the two voting areas in N14 Likas, it is clear that there is no sudden increase shown. Therefore, as far as the Kota Kinabalu Parliament Constituency P172 is concerned there shouldn’t be any unusual or sudden increase.

KK MP Hiew urges the SPR to take special attention to any unusual increase in the number of voters in all the constituencies in Sabah. This can be easily spotted and immediate action can be resolved quickly. We don’t want to got to election and cast our votes while the electoral is not clean and 100 % okay. (DAP Media)

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