Wednesday, 12 December 2012


EMPTY..... Dirty garbage cubicle with empty garbage bins inside

THE RESIDENTS of the Taman Fajar Apartment at Menggatal approached the Sabah DAP for help regarding the various problems arising in their apartments here. They complained about the garbage collection, filthy garbage collection centre, residents throwing rubbish every way, and there is no proper management of the place.

The Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie went to the apartment housing with the KK MP Hiew King Cheu to inspect the area and found that the complaints were valid. There is really a need of a proper housing management in the area.

After speaking to the people, it is understood that there are 8 blocks under Phase 2 & 4 with someone managing, but for the 5 blocks under the Phase 1 & 5, there is no one managing because the developer had bankrupted. The whole housing here is facing with many problems and there is a need to find or organize the management team immediately.

The Land (Subsidiary/Strata Titles) Enactment 1972 requires a management corporation for all high rise apartments, but in this case here there is no management corporation set up to manage the buildings, what will happen next? Edward Ewol Mujie said this is why the out dated Acts in Sabah have to be updated to suit the present situation and requirement.

The Ministry of the Local Government and Housing and DBKK should come in to take action and put the matter right and in proper order. They should not keep quiet and pretend that nothing had happened, and saying that it is not their business.

Edward said that he will arrange a meeting in the Taman Fajar Apartment to gather all the residents to discuss the matter, and he will write to the Ministry of Local Government and Housing together with the DBKK to come to attend the meeting to solve the long outstanding matters.

He will inform the residents on the time and date of the meeting once the authorities have confirmed to come. He hopes that the matter can be resolved amicably after the meeting. He also said the residents should unite together to get the matter solved and put in good order. It is your home and no one would like to see a dirty home.

He suggested the residents in Phase 1 & 5 to form up their resident association to manage the apartments directly since there is no one to manage these for them now. During the meeting the residents must come up in full force in order to solve their own problem. If the residents do not come forward, no body will be able to help them.

Sabah DAP has help in many apartment housing to form their resident association, and believe us it is the best solution to your problems, no matter it is about strata titles, water, sewerage, concrete cracks, collapse wall, cleanliness, or even major structure repair etc. (DAP Media)

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