Sunday, 17 February 2013



KOTA KINABALU: The indignity of having to wear adult diapers has not stopped an ageing Sabah politician from wanting to continue to be a “Yang Berhormat” for another five years.

Once a respected leader, the elderly politician believes there is no one capable of taking over from him in his party, but his critics say it is greed and self-protection that is spurring him to defend his constituency in the 13th general election.

His unbridled political ambitions is stark contrast to the decision by Pope Benedict XVI, the head of the Catholic Church, to quit his post recently because he could no longer fulfil his duties.

The ageing Sabah leader, it is understood, had hinted to his closest aides about retiring if they could find someone who could take his place but none has dared to suggest a replacement.

Observers said his refusal to listen to the people as well as his own body has now resulted in him making himself a “prisoner of his own conscience, and his own political party”.

According to reliable sources here, the leader has been said to have several health concerns for the past few years but had managed to conceal all.

It was learnt that he had again recently signalled his intention to retire but his supporters stopped him, thinking he was being modest.

However, word slipped out that he was suffering incontinence and unkind whispers started to swirl in towns here about about the man who was peeing in his pants.

Perhaps things would be a lot easier, and his supporters would be supportive, if had been more transparent and open about his ailment. (FMT)

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