Tuesday 26 February 2013


THE MUMMED on the impasse of foreign army invading Lahad Datu needs very urgent respond; otherwise the government would be accused of doing it on purpose.

The authority is scaremongering voters to come out to vote in this forthcoming General Election, worse, when the intruders are saying they are to stay to do or to die.

This long wait –two weeks now is already outrageous, how long more for people of Sabah to wait until security situation is back to normal?

Home Minister is leaving it to Foreign Minister?  Why not Defence Minister handles this issue right from the beginning.

The intrusion of foreign army into our land at broad daylight is no less severe than surrendering our territory to crooks.

Where does 50 years experience of boarder security?

Why can the Chief Minister Musa Aman as Chief of Security officer of the State be more assertive in pressing the Federal leaders to be serious?

What about the rest of UMNO leaders in Sabah why are they not saying anything?

Is this not an evidence of how incapable are our State leaders who succumbed to push button by Kuala Lumpur and now our State security is compromised?

Dragging this case too long is bad for the economy. Yet surveillance by Malaysian Marine on seas is also madness that would not do any good to ease people’s fear to go out for the routine livelihood in the seas.

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