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Dear Editor,

YESTERDAY, while cybersurfing for articles regarding the Huguan Siou of Malaysia issue, I stumbled onto this video song from google search. The video I am referring to is HERE.

The patriotic rhythm song is in the Penampang Kadazan dialect with video footage taken on the installation ceremony of Pairin as Huguan Siou. I asked several a few people in Penampang about the song and they all agreed that it was never played in any KDCA functions or anytime that the Huguan Siou was present as if all of Pairin's followers are embarassed with the song dedicated to him.

The song also never made it to the KDM radio station. I was also informed that the song was also presented to Pairin but even at the anniversary glamour at the Nunuk Ragang in Ranau, the song was banned.

So I listened to the song 3 times. I believed the title is "Oi Huguan Siou Za" composed by a Penampang Singer and the loose translation in English is as follows: -

Hail our  brave leader
We adore you
Never allow your heart to weaken
For fairness and integrity we support you
You are the one symbolised by the Mt Kinabalu

Hail our brave leader
We yearn to hear your cheers
Embolden your resolves and yell like a man
We the followers will be like a swarm behind you
Whatever threats there are, never fear
                Seven priestesses have crowned you
                You were given a shield and given blessing
                Seven days and seven nights we held a wake
                To show that we adore you forever
Hail our brave leader
Calm your heart and mind
Just like the calmness of Mt Kinabalu
Our prayers will always be for your success
May God blesses you always
2nd Chorus:
                Seven types of leafy branch
                And the smell of the Komburongoh roots
                   (a type of native incense)
                To give you incense while standing on a rock
                You were given the holy oil to strengthen the soul
                Because you are the brave gentleman leader
(3rd verse was repeated)

The song would surely be nominated for the KDM song of the year, and yet all the KDM are ashamed of this song that it never once appeared in MORE than 20 years of the reign of Pairin as HS ? Just what is the explanation for this?

Here are some reasons proposed to me at Donggongon Town.

1.  The Penampang Kadazans whose elders were responsible for creating the Huguan Siou tradition simply want to forget about it because the Huguansiouship brought no benefit to the community as a whole.

2.  To the present day KDM youths, how does this tradition help them when everyday they faced racial discrimination for scholarships to enter universities and vying for jobs in public services, agencies and GLCs? So who amongst our children want to sing this song which has no meaning to them in real life because their leaders are either helpless or doing NOTHING to help them overcome this apartheid policy?

3. It was also reported that those cronies hanging around Pairin do not want any song that is not in the Bundu Liwat Dusun dialect and hates the Penampang dialect.

Then suddenly someone has a bright idea to create a new title, "Brave Leader of Malaysia" waaah all hell broke loose.  The very same people who are now clamoring to "protect" their Huguan Siou "tradition" are the very same people who shunned and banned the song that was in praise and dedication to their brave leader, a song that would have won the Oscar in the US !

To all those hipocrites, I challenge them to a debate in the cyberworld.

1.  Who created the Huguan Siou (HS) tradition and where?

2.  Is there a written or unwritten rule that the HS title is for life or can the community who award the HS title have the power to withdraw it or appoint another successor? Was there an appointing committee to decide who deserves to hold the HS title?

3.  Who decided that the HS title is sacred to the KDM community and by what means or spiritual power was the HS title made sacred?  was it a form of religion too that the community would go beserk if there is some hint of sacrilege to the title or is this title just a SIOK SENDIRI for Asians who seemed to have an ego for titles anyway?

4. Do all those people who vent their anger in facebooks or twitters or sabahkini forum ever realised that Malaysia has the most titles in the whole world, most of which are stupid and ridiculous?

In Sabah we started with only Datuks at the highest followed downwards with lots of letters such as ASDK, ADK, BK etc.

Now we have Datuk Seri Panglimas and Pang-enams, maybe Pang-tujuhs will follow soon while in Sarawak we have Pak Tinggis and Pak-Rendahs?
5. And since Malaysians still insist on their title egoism, then what is so wrong with creating more titles then?

Huguan Siou means 'brave leader' in English.  So who made the rule that only KDM can have a brave leader?

James Ongkili refused the HS title and the people at that time voted him out. Now in the same light, had Anwar understood what the title on the sash means and refused to accept the sash, there is no doubt that the same hipocrites who are crying foul now would have said that Anwar was 'sombong' for not accepting the sash.

This is happening because the election is just around the corner and every so-called leaders in this country are trying hard to be smarter-than-thou, but sadly ended up at the gutter level of stupidity.

The bottom line is, what benefit has all these HS controversy brought to the KDM community, if not just being used as pawns by all those wannabe leaders and candidates for the next PRU ?

For me, all the time Pairin was HS, it meant absolutely NOTHING to my daily life neigher did it improve my life for a single iota. Whatever I have achieved was due to my own sweat and tears, with a without a Huguan.

However, since you people still insist on your titles, then I hearby announce my proposed list of candidates for the Huguan Siou titles for the year 2013.

1.  Huguan Siou tuhun India - Karpal Singh.

Justification:  Even though he is already in the wheelchair but his voice continues to be heard for the duration of his whole life. Oscar equivalent of life time achievement award. Survived the ISA.

(Mr Semi - Value will never qualify)

2.  Huguan Siou tuhun Sina - Lim Kit Siang

Justification:  Consistent throught his life, another lifetime achievement oscar award, his voice is heard even if he is inside the ISA.

(Mr Chua Soi Lek can only qualify for the best screen performance in a hotel)

3.  Huguan Siou Melayu -  Of course it has to be Anwar

Justification:  Consistent and voice still heard despite a broken back, beaten up by the chief of the police, been in and out of Kamunting.  Being cheated on Sodomy and yet still came back to life. Isnt that brave enough for all the hipocrites?

(sorry, even after ruling for 22 years, Mahathir can only qualify as the Best Firaun ever)

4.  Finally, Huguan Siou of KDM..    No doubt about it,  we need to search for a new candidate.

How many of you KDMs are willing to lead us fight the PTI especially the 100 armed group who came to Lahad Datu lately? Think about that you cronies !

I eagerly await the replies from all the cybertroopers in the facebooks, tweeters etc.

Best Regards,

JOHN, born at Babagon.

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