Saturday, 16 February 2013


BLOCK..... the resident staging a protest to block the road.

THE 57 angry house owners in Taman Kolombong at Lorong PIC 4 and 5 were forced to close the access road following their dissatisfaction over the developer using their housing estate road to transport heavy loads of building materials into a 16 storey Service Apartment construction site.

The heavy trucks have caused disturbances to the quiet housing estate. The housing is facing problems not only to their buildings structures, roads and drains but also to the safety and well being of the people.

The residents are not happy at all even thought there were previous arrangement with the developer, and they will continue to block the roads until the developer construct their own access road someway else.

According to Alex Chu, the spokesman of the residents committee   here, the people here are worry that more loads of construction materials will get transported into the site via their housing road, and the burden on them will get more serious day by day.

There is no guarantee that the developer will keep their promise to build an alternative access road at the back of the housing using the open space belonging to the housing estate. This was agreed and also acknowledged by DBKK.

Chu further mentioned that the said land is zoned as commercial use, and why the authorities had approved a residential development of a 128 unit high-rise apartment building. There is no access to it and why they can approve the development plan.

The authorities cannot force their way through and hoping that they can use the housing road as the access to this condo. There will be many more cars getting in and out once the condo is completed, and now the construction traffic is bad enough.

The residents filed a complaint with the KK MP Office and they brought the MP Hiew King Cheu on to site to understand further about the situation. There were some 35 residents turned up to meet MP Hiew, and they all wished that he can give them a helping hand to resolve the matter.

The ladies are not happy with the heavy trucks carrying heavy loads passing their home and created a lot of dust that got into the houses. They are also worried when the kids are playing on the road. The peaceful environment of the housing had been destroyed completely.

Hiew said he wishes the authorities like DBKK should immediately advice the developer to construct the alternative access road. The new access road would not take a long time to construct, but they must get on to it.

Meanwhile the residents in Taman Kolombong said they will continue to block the road until the alternative road is completed, and they said it is within their rights to do so. They are just protecting their rights and interests the natural way. No one would like their quiet and peace be infringed and turn up side down.

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