Sunday, 17 February 2013


THE MOTORISTS had filed complaints to the KK MP Office concerning a tree leaning over a busy main road in Kolombong near Taman Khidmat which will come down any time endangering the road users. They said the authorities seem not taking serious action about the situation.

The big tree is seen seriously leaning over the road and the roots being pulled to the surface. The worry is that when there is a strong wind, the tree will definitely fall over. This might hit a passing cars or people near by.

The KK MP Hiew King Cheu wants the DBKK to come to rectify the situation or to cop off the tree. Hiew said there are many other dead trees by the road side in many parts of the KK City which can be seen posing danger to the people and cars. We don’t want accident to happen then come to rectify.

Hiew is also reminding the DBKK on the issue of overgrown trees in the city, where the trees are causing nuisance in many places. The trees in the Gaya Street had given shelter and resting place for thousands of birds which created disturbing noises and heavy droplets in the area. The trees are too high and dense, and it is only reasonable to reduce their height to a convenient height. By doing so, the birds will no be resting there anymore, and the problem solved.

The same situation happened in Kampong Air taxi-stand which another big group of birds rest on the big tree behind. The passer-by, the resident, and the taxi drivers here had complained too. May be DBKK can look into the matter and to solve it.

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