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AKJAN….Now proclaimed as Sultan Shariful-Hashim II.

AS promised last month, the self-proclaimed interim government of the Sulu Sultanate has now unveiled the identity of the Malaysian who it said would be installed as its new reigning Sultan.

The person who they proclaimed to be a direct descendent of the last reigning Sultan of Sulu, Paduka Mahasari Maulana Al-Marhum Sultan Shariful-Hashim, is Sabah, Kota Kinabalu-based businessman Dr Datu Mohd Akjan B. Datu Ali Muhammad.

The Prime Minister of the interim government Datu Albi Ahmad Julkarnain announced in a statement issued here, today, that Akjan has been ceremonially installed as the 33rd reigning Sultan of the Sulu Sultanate on 2 February, 2011, after taking his Oath of Allegiance in a private-yet-symbolical ceremony held at one of Akjan’s properties in Kampung Likas here.

The said ceremony was witnessed by a group of 60 people including senior officials of the Sulu Sultanate, from Sulu Province, in Southern Philippines.

INSTALLATION….Sultan Shariful-Hashim II being greeted by well-wishers upon arriving at the installation ceremony.

They included Albi himself, Awad bin Hamid, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Mr. Jalmaani Lintasan, State Treasurer of the Sulu Sultanate, Mr Binnajar Bin Sihon, Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Sultanate of Sulu, Hadja Safena Radjaei, Minister of Social Welfare, Hj Darwin Bin Habibun, Head of Security for the Palace of Sulu Sultanate, Attorney Meltino J. Sibulan, Legal Counsel of The Sultanate, Datu Tirona A. Kiram, Member of Rumah Bichara representing Royal house of Maimbung, Datu Nursastri D. Ahmad, Member of Rumah Bichara representing Royal House of Patikul, Prof Datu Atik O. Manulon, Vice Chairman, Council of Royal Datus, Hj Faizal Radjaie, Members of Rumah Bichara, Prof Hadji Greg Conception, Chairman Council of Profesionals of Sulu Sultanate, Panglima Lacquer Bin Sawadjaan, Wazir of Sabah, Sharif Nurrahman Mohd Sirata, Custom commissionaire of The Sultanate of Sulu, Sharif Gaspar Sabtal, Datu Daerah Wazir of Lahad Datu, Sharif Salman Bin Usman, Asst. Deputy Prime Minister for Tawi-Tawi, Mr. Ahajul Matarul, Asst. Deputy Prime Minister for West Malaysia, Mr Jamil Sugbo, Datu Daerah Wazir of west Malaysia, Mr Andam Matarul, Member of Rumah Bichara, Mr Mansur Hadjirul, Wazir of Sandakan, and its Panglimas, Amil B. Ali, Ereles Hasiddin, Hajar B. Tahir, Habib Abdul Rahim B. Sharif, Imam Yusof and Sham B. Barri.

The ceremony also witnessed the declarations of “Pledge, Recognition, Mandate and Support” to Akjan by the office of the Prime Minister, the Royal Houses of Maimbun and Patikul, Council of Royal Datus, Rumah Bichara, the United Tausug People’s Leadership Consultative Assembly, and Council of Professionals.

The said ceremony was held far away from Jolo, the Capital City of Sulu Province, for security and safety reasons.

SIGNS….Sultan Shariful-Hashim II signs his Oath of Allegiance, meanwhile witnessed by Albi (left) and Lacquer (center)

In his speech of acceptance, Akjan who is now officially known as His Majesty Paduka Mahasari Maulana Al-Sultan Sharif ul-Hashim II, Dr Sharif Mohammad Akjan Mu’izzuddin Waddaulah Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Sharif Ali Muhammad Pulalun, or Sultan Shariful-Hashim II, in short, proclaimed that his installation was “the vindication of the hundred of years of oppression domination, treachery and deception” which had deprived the Sultanate of Sulu and its loyal adherents of the bounty of its natural resources and its home of peace and tranquility.

“To the valour and wisdom of His Honorable Prime Minister Datu Albi Ahmad Julkarnain and his ever loyal Council of Datus, the Ullamas, and brave and patient Tausug, all the Royal Organizations of Professionals and Partners in realizing the goals of the Sulu Sultanate, in order to bring progress and prosperity to the Kingdom, I accept your supports, recognition, and mandates to rule the Kingdom under the guidance and blessing of all of us and those who have fallen in our darkest nights, and under the just and wisest blessings of Allah and the Quran and our Prophet S.AW.

“I accept the responsibilities and duties as the Head of the Government of Sultanate of Sulu. I accept the challenge to steer the destiny of our beloved Kingdom amidst the sovereign states of the world; and unleash all power at my command to ensure the survival, the wellbeing and development of the Tausug people,” pledged Sultan Shariful-Hashim II.

Sultan Shariful-Hashim II currently also holds the key to the platinum box coded 1799 containing ancient royal documents and paraphernalia of the past Sultans which, were transferred out of the Palace in 1862 during the reign of Al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad Fadzlun Pulalun that had been properly and secretly hidden.

Meanwhile, Albi asserted that the installation of Sultan Sharif ul-Hashim II has made more unyielding the Tausug people’s resolve to assert their inalienable and undeniable right to self-determination and independence to the fullest at all cost.

POSING….Sultan Shariful-Hashim II posing with the group of senior officials of the interim government of Sulu Sultanate. From left: Hji. Faizal Radjaie, Sharif Salman bin Usman, Jalsani bin Lintasan, Sharif Gaspar bin Sappal, Prof. Atik Manulon, PhD, Ahajul bin Matarul, PM Datu Albi Julkarnain. From right: Bennajal bin Sihon, Datu Andam bin Muharram, Jamil bin Subbo, Datu Nursastri Ahmad, Al-Haj., Awad R. Hamid, Datu Tirona Kiram, Atty. Meltino ‘Ulung’ Jaujan Sibulan, Hja. Safenaz binti Hussien.

“We shall assert all peaceful means through both diplomacy and other processes within the framework of the United Nations and international law to restore our Statehood. We are now readying our legal documents to be filed with the United Nations, insha’Allah,” he said.

On behalf of the Sulu Sultanate, Albi also reiterated its demand for the complete withdrawal of the Philippines and other foreign military forces and their civilian institutions from the territories of Sulu Sultanate.

“We are urging the occupier exploiting our natural resources to completely return our land (occupied by the Philippines) and leave Sulu Sultanate Darul Islam voluntarily and peacefully, as soon as possible, to avoid any further conflicts and unnecessary humiliation in the eyes of the international community.

“We pray to Allah to make firm our stand for justice and resolve to change our conditions In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, for the sake of Allah, the struggle of the Tausug people is continuing and without let-up,” he asserted.

He also clarified that the Tausug people who are the Muslims are the citizens of the Sulu Sultanate, not the citizens of the Philippines.

“All inhabitants of the Sulu Archipelago including Basilan Province, Sulu Province, Tawi-Tawi Province, Zamboanga Peninsula, Palawan, Spratlys Islands and part of Borneo including part of Sabah, are the Tausug people,” he noted.

Albi had in his maiden press conference held here on 11 January 2011, asserted that the Sulu Sultanate was never part of the Philippines, citing that this can be proven by historical and legal documents in possession of the new reigning Sultan of Sulu.

The Tausug people had on November 17, 2010 declared the Assertion of Independence at Plaza Tulay, Jolo, Sulu. To show their support to the Declaration, about 10,000 adherents coming from the different Municipalities of Sulu provinces, Tawi-Tawi, Zamboanga Peninsula, Palawan and Sabah joined the parade around Jolo proper. They assembled at Plaza Tulay and held rally for four days, where the Declaration was duly signed and publicly read before the big crowd by Attorney Meltino Sibulan, the Sultanate’s legal counsel.

Brief profile of Sultan Shariful-Hashim II

Sultan Shariful-Hashim II was born in Jambangan, Nipah-Nipah, Sulu Sultanate on 23 November 1957 and is the only child of Sultan Sharif Ali Mohd Pulalun and his consort, Sharifah Sarimah IBNI Datu Sharif Imam Yusof IBNI Datu Sharif Salahuddin IBNI Sharif Safaruddin.

On 11 November, 1962, he was taken by his uncle Hasirin B. Sumabud to Camp Sibaud, Sandakan, for security reason. He later became a Malaysian citizen when Sabah joined the then Malaya to form the Federation of Malaysia.

A businessman by profession, Sultan Shariful-Hashim II owned businesses ranging from construction, transportation, barter trading, to motor oil production and distribution.

He started his business career as a sub-contractor for the construction of 400 units of low-cost houses for C&S works in Sandakan back in 1978.

ALLEGIANCE....Sultan Shariful-Hashim II taking his Oath of Allegiance; standing next to him on the left is Albi, and Meltino on the right.

Among others, he is currently Executive Chairman & Managing Director Tanah Teguh Sdn Bhd; Executive & Managing Director of Konsortium Khazanah Watan; Executive & Managing Director of Malaysian Maestro (M) Sdn Bhd; Executive Chairman of Interise Capital Sdn Bhd; Executive & Managing Director of Nautica Technologies Sdn Bhd; Executive & Managing Director of Bestcom System Sdn Bhd; and Executive & Managing Director of Plus Million Synergy Sdn Bhd.

He also possesses a doctorate (PhD) in Business Study and Business Administration, from the Preston University, USA.

He is currently also Chairman of Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (The Islamic Welfare and Sermon Organisation of Malaysia) or Pekida Malaysia, Sabah Division, a supreme councilor of Pekida Malaysia, and its International Affairs Chief.

He has four wives (one deceased) with 28 children aged between 1-year-old to 34. Of the figure, 18 are boys and the rest are girls.

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