Thursday 24 February 2011



PKR Supreme Council Member, Dr Roland Chia Ming Shen urged that the Transport Ministry and the necessary agencies to work towards a amicable solution IMMEDIATELY with Air Asia for the sake of the people of Sabah. He was urging this in reference to Air Asia Bhd reluctance to move and to relocate from KKIA Terminal 2 to Terminal 1.

We cannot deny that the fact that AIR ASIA’s presence has brought tremendous socio- economic spin-offs to the Rakyat of Sabah.

First and foremost, Sabahans back in the 1990s, with a return air fare by MAS to KK was RM 700 + and yet MAS still losses money. But with the presence of AIRASIA, Sabahans at times get to enjoy zero fares or even up to 50% of the fare as compared to MAS. This has definitely result in tremendous uplift of financial burden to families who resided in Sabah. Without Air Asia, we can’t fly as frequent as we are enjoying now.

Secondly, it is time for the interest of the Rakyat that we learned from successful entrepreneurs like AIRASIA and please do not kill off their business, just like killing the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Airasia needs to find the best way to remain; well ‘LOW COST’ business is there to make profit and stay afloat, unlike MAS, who always enjoy government bail outs. These bailouts costs millions and millions of tax payers money of the People of Malaysia.

Thirdly the RM1.6 Billion spent on the KKIA runway and other airport developments since 2008 Today in 2011, the runway is still not completed and taxiways ARE full of potholes.

On rainy days, the taxiway is literally half immersed in water. Every day the airport is closed from 1200am to 0600am for work. Mind you, KKIA is the 2nd busiest airport in Malaysia. After 3 years repair works still goes on on. Is this justified for the sake of National Intere$t!

Finally, the town of Tanjung Aru and its neighbourhood enjoys brisk economic activities as a result of the vicinity of Terminal 2 and the big numbers of Air Asia Passengers that come and to stop by the town enroute to the Airport by patronizing the town. The people of Tanjung Aru are the largest casualties as a result of this relocation.

Why are the elected representatives of the state and parliament constituencies are keeping quiet. These were some of the laments and complains whilst making his Chinese New Year round in Tanjung Aru with Putatan PKR Divisional Leaders. Dr. Roland Chia laments.

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